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Vrikshasana (Tree pose) - Balance, Posture and Concentration
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"I have been seeing Jiwan for massage for the last 5 years on a fairly regular basis. I view my massage time as a part of my life program for physical and emotional well-being. A gift to myself. Jiwan is a warm and serene person and this is reflected in his work space. I love his choices in music which are gentle and quietly expressive. Jiwan is intuitive and strong in his massage and I drift to my own place. I am grateful for the time always that allows me this sense of well-being. Thank you, Jiwan. I appreciate you."



"I am fortunate to live in Jiwan's neighbourhood and have been receiving massage from him for many years. A massage with Jiwan is a physical, mindful, emotional and spiritual journey. Physical because he is simply excellent at treating my body's aches and pains. Mindful because he brings me in touch with every part of my body. Emotional because Jiwan is so incredibly nurturing, and I feel a sense of complete joy during each treatment. Spiritual because during the massage our energies connect and I am in touch with a profound sense of universal oneness. When I am on Jiwan's comfortable table I feel truly blessed and I leave in a state of floating bliss. He is a beautiful human being who practices his incredible skills with love and compassion. If at all possible, do treat yourself to an appointment with him!"

Jon Levitt


"A quick note to let you know I am still floating from yesterday's massage. Over the 7 years I have been coming to Vancouver, your massages have been a highlight of my visits and I look forward to many more. You have a special spirit and wonderful hands, that relax, energize and revive my body and mind. Thank You, Jiwan. All My Best Wishes."



"I was working in Vancouver for a month and in need of a massage. I found Jiwan and experienced one of the most beautiful massages I ever had in my life. He is deeply skilled, respectful and intuitive. I experienced a profound sense of healing both physical and spiritual. My time with him was one of deep pleasure and deep rest. He is a gifted artist of body work. I saw him three or four times in the month I was in Vancouver and when I am back, as I hope to be, he is the first person I will call. My experience with him was unforgettable. His healing touch still resonates with me. I give him the highest possible recommendation."

Martin Moran


"I've been a client of Jiwan for about 5 years now. His massage treatments are deeply relaxing and comforting with all of life stresses and tensions melting away during the massage. A great way to either start or end your day. A head to toe treatment using many types of massage techniques. He is really intuitive with his massage and seem to know how much pressure and which techniques work best with my body. His rates are also very reasonable for the high quality of massage you receive. I highly recommend Jiwan and that you go for the 90 minute treatment, 60 minutes is just not enough!"



"I live in London, England, and visit Vancouver every year. Since 2005 I have been coming to Jiwan for massage. I find his massage enlivening and regenerating. It is both gentle and strong and one is aware of his total and benevolent attention. One feels very good both during and after."

Vernon Katz, M.A., D.Phil.(Oxon)


"Jiwan is very professional and respectful. His massage is so relaxing and therapeutic for me. I always feel very comfortable in his spotless apartment and never doubt the cleanliness of the massage table. I have no hesitation in recommending Jiwan for anyone looking for a very relaxing/therapeutic massage."

David Webster


"The massage from Jiwan was fantastic. I could tell he is properly trained with plenty of experience. His touches were thorough, gentle but effective. I would use his service again when I am in Vancouver. For people who want a relaxing and therapeutic massage, Jiwan is a perfect choice."

Auckland, New Zealand


"From the second you enter Jiwan's extremely tidy and very nicely decorated apartment you start feeling relaxed. He greets you with a huge welcoming smile and chats with you while you are getting ready. Once you are on his table which is covered with a clean white sheet he starts working his magic, and before you know it, you are melting to the touch of his golden fingers and you quickly doze off ( snoring is allowed) and when it is time to turn over he quietly wakes you up and once you are ready again he puts a pillow underneath your head and a towel over your eyes and then you go back to your nap and before you know it, your time is over but you are already looking forward to your next appointment. Jiwan himself is a very good looking guy with very good character and an interesting background. His rates are very reasonable and worth every penny."



"Whenever I am up in Vancouver I call Jiwan. He is a natural masseur with a great technique. He always gives 100% and is totally involved in your massage. You never feel hurried. His space is calming and comfortable, he offers just the right background music, and the linens are always clean and fresh. I have no hesitation in recommending Jiwan - other than he may get booked up with new happy clients!"

Berkeley California


"I have been a client of Jiwan's for several years now. Every time I visit Vancouver I go to Jiwan for a massage. He is the best! He is a good looking man with a great smile and always welcomes me warmly into his spotlessly clean apartment. He has a nice quiet space set up for massage with a very comfortable table. If the weather outside is one of those damp cold days that Vancouver specializes in, he drapes you in a warm blanket. Jiwan offers different styles of massage and I have had both the Swedish relaxing massage and the deep tissue massage and both are excellent. And not only does he give you a great massage, he does so at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend him."

San Francisco


"I have been seeing Jiwan on a regular basis for the last 5 years. I injured myself 12 years ago and I have been suffering with chronic back pain since then. I tried every treatment that was suggested to me over the last 12 years and Jiwan has been a life saver. Every person with injury will respond differently with different treatments. For me, massage therapy is what works best. It took me a while to find the right person who would use the proper approach for my type of injury. Deep tissue combined with relaxation massage gives me the result I need to keep mobile on a daily basis. Jiwan is a very professional and dedicated person. His treatments will take the pain away and free your mind of all unwanted thoughts and worries. "



"My name is Christopher, and I am from Seattle. I have known Jiwan for 6 plus years now, and every time I am in Vancouver, he is the first appointment that I book. His massage technique is the most intuitive, nurturing and relaxing that I have ever experienced. He makes me want a massage every night of the week, if that were only possible. He is the most friendly, sweet and professional therapist, with a touch that you can't resist. His massage space is immaculate, warm and inviting. I feel very lucky to have Jiwan as my therapist...he is by far the very best!"



"I have been getting regular massages from Jiwan since 2005. He is a very skilled, intuitive masseur, and just as importantly a kind and respectful person. His space is clean and peaceful, and the overall massage experience often makes me feel like I'm floating a few inches above the table! I always look forward to my next appointment, and highly recommend him for anyone wanting a truly relaxing massage."



"I would highly recommend having a massage with Jiwan. He was very sensitive and in touch with my body and clearly a PRO at his work. It's always a pleasure when you find someone that really knows what they are doing. I would see him again the next time I'm in Vancouver. Treat yourself to his trained and respectful touch!"



"I've had a few wonderful massages from Jiwan, who has a wonderfully quiet and calm demeanor, and he clearly has very experienced hands. Jiwan's massages are extremely thorough, and professional, and I leave him feeling totally renewed, refreshed and blissed out! If you'd like to offer yourself an effective, nurturing and extremely enjoyable massage I would highly recommend Jiwan."

Salt Spring Island


"I have been to Jiwan's for massages for a few years now. I look forward to see him each time I am in Vancouver. Jiwan is very attentive to my body's needs and always asking for feedback about the pressure he applies. The location is centrally located in West End Vancouver. His place is decorated with beautiful artwork from Nepal and his choices of music are very conducive to creating a relaxing atmosphere. Best of all, Jiwan always wears a nice smile to greet you and treat you with respect. I highly recommend his service."



"I just wanted to say again how much I appreciate what you do and who you are. You hold a space of allowing, free from judgement, shame or expectation. I feel a strong sense of letting go of things I'm barely aware I cling to, and I was stunned by how relaxed my body was when I got up mid way to use the bathroom! Your blend of the sensual and the intimate is simply beautiful layered within a massage which is both informed and intuitive. I always feel wonderful for days afterwards; rejuvenated, relaxed, and improved sleep. What you offer is sadly all too rare, and I am grateful to have discovered you!"

London, UK


"I had a wonderful massage with Jiwan. My calves were extremely sore from walking all the steps to the beach. He used exactly the right amount of pressure and has a very inviting space to work in. I will definitely schedule with him when I return next August."



"I need to state this was the best massage I have had! As a runner and triathlete I must state the pressure , stretching and overall atmosphere was best in case. An incredible massage and I felt amazing afterwards! I would recommend anyone visiting Vancouver to book!"



"It is a pleasure being a client of Jiwan’s. His massaging skill is part of the reason I maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle. I get to enjoy a healing massage from Jiwan to reset my system and energy. I recommend him to many seeking a truly gifted masseur. I am a fan and hope to be a client of his for many years. Thank you Jiwan."